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REMOTE TESTIMONIALS...UNBELIEVABLE my dog had eaten a french fry

it came up on the report! WOW! that is amazing.

Palmdale, CA

My cat was diagnosed by a Vet having Leukemia  Darshana came to my home to balance his pain the next day he was out on the patio   walking around

and he ate without vomiting or diahrrea...Amazing   LRA  OS CA


I just finished watching the video and I'm so deeply grateful. I haven't responded to many people, but my intuition and Spirit was guiding me to receive this.
I am so grateful.
Today was the first day I danced in a long time and I definitely had strength restore to me and new insights come in.Last night I was really scared again about where I was at and this morning too I was feeling incredibly weak.
And just about the time you said you were working on me is when I started to gain some strength and new insights and was able to move around and started to have more clarity.  It gave me more strength than I've felt all week. The information shown in the video was spot

on too.And I'm so grateful for technology that is able to capture our multi-dimensional selves.
When I made the post, I didn't have a lot of energy, and so I mentioned my brain injury because that was the only super concrete thing I could. But after reading about the sinus stress, that honestly feels pinpoint and has given me a new lead into what I need to focus on and where the source of all of this is coming from.
Thank you soul much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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July 19 2019  Teri Crutchfield Darshana Atma received the
Blood work back from vets office. Unfortunately it’s in Spanish so I need someone to interpret it
For me.. lol. But one thing that was glaringly clear... you said there was a chemical toxin in her body... and sure enough it is baking soda! Thank you so much for helping er through 



Jan 3 2019 I could barely walk without pain I had a 2 hour session got up the next day and went to work she even gave me a Spinal report for my Chiropractor.  LB  Oceanside Ca

 Lady D  getting back to you with a huge debt of grattude and Grace. My partner who was hit by a car and in the hospital is doing so  much  better.  You are such an Angel We are sendingYou love and light.

Oct 24 2020  Mojo Pshcyic Medium

Dec 23 2015

CHILD 2 years old

she is doing beautifully, thank you  so lit up people notice her everywhere we go. even more so since your session.    bright blessings,  CG  S.D. CA

I fell asleep during the session I haven't slept well in months.  I also have not felt this relaxed, I feel more focused.  S.P. QH  CA  

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June 9,18  I feel GREAT today slept so well less pain   JMN DelMar CA

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