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As a licensed Spiritual Health Coach this allows a tool for me to run higher vibrational frequencies like The Soul Codes for my clients. We work together to tap into the innate intelligence of the body and gain access to knowledge of the subconscious mind and go into other dimensions of health.
If your work is done with intention, consciousness, and love, you are giving the most valuable contribution of all — you are adding light to the world.THAT is MY Mission
My own personal journey of leaving an HMO with post traumatic stress disorder led me to this to assist in facilitating my Journey into Wellness. I have first hand experience of how amazing this technology is.
* 20 years in Health care
* 4 years at the San Diego Cancer Research Institute Integrative Medicine
* The Catalyst Foundation (for trauma)
* Hooves & Paws
* Gentle Barn
* CATS Carlsbad Awakening & Transformation Senter
4 years at Antelope Valley College as an Adjunct Professor in Business Division
Professional Belly Dance 101 for Beginners
In the AV Adult Education classes.
Spiritual Health Coach license
QESP Quantum Entwinement Subspace Prayer Therapist
ADVANCED Angel Practioner
Certified Vaccine Education Specialist
Professional Dowser and Facilitator
Certified Internation Association of Therapists
Reiki I Certified
ULC ordained Energy Minister

My personal reading from

Circle of Life  By Rev. Uki MacIsaac

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